Virtual DJ Home

Virtual DJ Home 8.5

A free program for mixing music and video almost professionally

VirtualDJ Home is the free version of the most popular DJ mixing software of the same name, used by professionals. It has a few limitations compared to the pro version, but it is capable of mixing audio and videos yielding somewhat professional result. With this program, users can start creating basic mixing compilations; and even though it’s not really a program for novices, it’s intuitive and can be learned fast.

Although the free version doesn’t support playlist saving, microphone input, separate audio decks or full-resolution video output, it’s still quite full-featured DJ software and it works great. Among the useful tools included, users can find the cue, loop, pitch, scratch, shift and other features.

VirtualDJ’s interface consists of two mixing consoles with turntables, and at the bottom there’s a tabbed multifunctional panel where users can browse tracks, sample music bits, add effects, and make recordings.

The free version works very well with popular usb turntables and decks.

Max Santillana
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  • Free
  • Mix 2 tracks easily
  • Adds sound effects
  • Headphone output
  • Video Mixing
  • Video mix output
  • Turntable support


  • No playlist saving
  • No microphone input
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